Andrew Ensor

Director NZ SKA Alliance,
High Performance Computing Research Laboratory, AUT.

Andrew is the Director of the New Zealand SKA Alliance, coordinating New Zealand’s significant involvement in the design of the SKA. He has been active in the SKA’s Central Signal Processor and in the Science Data Processor design since 2013. He is also the Director of the High Performance Computing Research Laboratory at AUT.

For the SKA project, Andrew has:

  • Developed efficient streaming data compression algorithms which helped form the start up company Nyriad.
  • Lead the Survey correlator design team.
  • Worked on optimising FFT algorithms across a range of hardware accelerators.
  • Designed highly efficient gridding algorithms for GPU.
  • Contributed to the SDP computer node and software stack design.

Originally from Auckland, Andrew obtained his PhD from Berkeley in the US and worked as a postdoc at Siena in Italy before returning to New Zealand as a senior lecturer in Mathematics and Computer Science at AUT.