AXI over Ethernet (AXIoE) Base Specification

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AXIoE is a packet format and network protocol for executing ARM AMBA 4 AXI standard bus style memory transactions on a remote device connected through an Ethernet network. AXIoE was designed with the goals of:

  1. Resource efficient server implementations in embedded devices.
  2. Reliable and in-order access to the register/memory bus of the remote device to simplify the access patternsand error handling requirements of application software.
  3. Efficient use of the network for bulk data transport.
  4. Decode and Encode transactions in a serial data streaming manner.
  5. Mirror the functionality of the AMBA AXI-4 memory bus.

The name AXIoE is an acronym for the Advanced eXtensible Interface over Ethernet. While the target register bus is the AMBA 4 AXI standard bus and the expected packet network is Ethernet, other memory buses and network technologies are not precluded. In general the register bus will be referred to as the AXIoE bus.

The AXIoE Base Specification can be downloaded in PDF format here:

AXIoE Base Specification v0.7.2 (pdf)