Christian Sengir Busquiel Sanz


Research Fellow.

High Performance Computing Research Laboratory, AUT.

Christian is working as a Research Fellow for the High Performance Computing Research Laboratory at AUT, focused in optimizing the algorithms that will be used to generate the image from the data received from the telescope. He is also comparing those results with the data provided from CASA and has been able to generate new data using CASA software. He is also part of the team that uses ASKAP Soft to gather another data reference for the simulations.

For the SKA project, Christian has:

  • Coding the process of generating the Ideal Image
  • Coding the generation of the Perfect Image
  • Using CASA to generate data using this program for the rest of the team
  • Researching the shape of the CASA PSF to find a matching weighting for the Ideal Image
  • Testing the installation of ASKAPSoft in a new operating system

Spanish Telecommunications Engineer with dual Major (Telecommunication Systems, & Network Planning and Management). Christian started his career as a Software developer; but switched as soon as he could to his passion, Space Communications and Radioastronomy, when he got a grant to work as an intern at I.N.T.A., in the Ground Segment Area of Space Operations. Then, he left his home country following that passion to work in this amazing project on the other side of the world, since he truly believes that the SKA Radiotelescope is the future of Deep Space Research in Radioastronomy.