David Wilson

David Wilson

Associate Professor, AUT. 

Director Inverse Problem Ltd.

David Wilson is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at Auckland University of Technology. Prior to joining AUT he was on the faculty at Karlstad University in Sweden following a position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland.

His main research interests are modelling, simulation and control of industrial processes. Currently he is a director of the research-based Industrial Information and Control Centre (I2C2) where he manages multi-faceted research projects for international clients such as PETRONAS in Malaysia, and large New Zealand companies such as Transpower and Fonterra. He is also a founding director of Inverse Problem Ltd which is a start-up company developing and marketing small high-performance embedded controllers. This company won the inaugural AUT Enterprises Innovation Challenge for 2012.

David is involved in the development of the signal processing model for the LOW Central Signal Processor. The model is used to validate the proposed algorithms for the imaging pipeline, and for the PSS and PST beamformers. This model is currently implemented in a Matlab/Simulink hybrid, and operates at a variety of precisions.

  • Developed, with Dr John Bunton at CSIRO, a “golden” model of the entire signal processing chain for CSP.Low.
  • Tested that the proposed algorithms are compliant to the SKA head office requirements
  • Documented this work (in EA7) for the design review.
  • Developing a packetised model that will be used to aid firmware development of the signal processing components of the Early Production Array and the eventual SKA1 telescope.
Low.CSP Golden Model
Low.CSP Golden Model

Contact: david.wilson@aut.ac.nz