TN Chan

Managing Director of Compucon New Zealand (Modern Technology NZ Limited)

TN focuses on the Compute Node architecture and performance investigations. His current effort (May 2018) is reviewing the previous estimations of SDP hardware size based on the SDP Parametric Model and ARL requirements.

He was born in Hong Kong, earned a honors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong and became a Chartered Engineer in Electrical Engineering for his experience of practicing in electricity power generation.  He was employed by the New Zealand Electricity Department and moved to Wellington in 1985 where he continued to practice in electricity power generation stations for the next 6 years (accruing several papers for international publication). In 1992 he moved to Auckland to found Compucon, making personal computers in 1992.  The first company milestone was earning ISO-9001 quality system management accreditation in 1995.  Compucon has continued to operate as an engineering based computer system integrator ever since.

Backed up by a team of engineers in Compucon, he worked on SKA Central Signal Processor in 2014-15 and later moved to work on the Science Data Processor in 2016 until now.  He thoroughly enjoys the work and the partnership with all the NZA members and several world class scientists and engineers in SKA.