Willem van Straten

Associate Professor,
Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research, AUT.

Willem is an astronomer with interests in pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts. He is currently a co-Chair of the SKA Science Working Group on Fundamental Physics with Pulsars, and as part of pre-construction he is leading the design of the pulsar timing engine (PST) of the SKA Central Signal Processor (CSP).

He is a member of the International Pulsar Timing Array Steering Committee and the Australia-New Zealand SKA Coordination Committee (ANZSCC) Science Advisory Committee; he also co-authored two chapters in the SKA Science Book.  Dr van Straten is a Principal Investigator on the Pulsar Timing Key Science Program at MeerKAT, the mid-frequency SKA precursor radio telescope in South Africa, and on the long-term observing programme, Tracking Interstellar Space Weather Toward Timing-Array Millisecond Pulsars, at the Mileura Widefield Array (MWA), the low-frequency SKA precursor in Western Australia.